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This Is The Way It Went...

I moved to 15 Lower Sherbourne sometime in December 2011

On December 2011 I rented a studio in this old building on 15 Lower Sherbourne.

It was an old filthy decrepit place with mostly musicians and all kinds of shady characters. I loved my studio, made it cosy and livable with lovely wiew onto the street.

My happiness did not last long. Sometime in February 2012 we received an eviction notice. We were to be out by April. Elsha was not ready to share studio in the Distillery, so, I moved my stuff to a storage facility.

Goodby studio!!! Sad, Sniff, Sniff,.....

And the demolition began very soon after.

All gone.....

It is 2017, March 15...something will finaly happen-new condos perhaps-as if we need more of those!!!!!

(August 2017 - nothing yet...)

It is 2018, APRIL...NEW POSTER We'll see!!!

July 2018. Goodby my Sherbourn Studio....

Goodby Soby's, Goodby my Sherbourn studio.

Goodby Soby's, Goodby my Sherbourn studio.

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