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I studied at OCAD and have been a practicing artist since 1994, regularly exhibiting my work in and around Toronto.
My approach as a mature artist gives me knowledge of materials and textures to imbue my work with the energy and experience of urban life.
I have been painting with wax and experimenting with various styles - abstract and figurative expressionism. Encaustic was among the various mediums.
A few years back I was introduced to the oil bar. Oil bars are an ideal medium to draw, paint and print. The result is the body of work: “Furtive Lines”, “Painted Pieces” and “Random Faces”. My paintings are mostly abstract - sometimes you can find images knitted within or colour bits appear through another layer that hide the clear structure to keep the mystery. This is the exciting discovery - shapes and textures in harmonious colours.
The underlying force in all my paintings is essentially a lineal structure. I am easily seduced by inspirations and influences, and then move on to a different subject matter



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